The SORTED! team

Established in February 2002, the SORTED! team has substantial skills, knowledge and experience as Professional Organisers. We regularly take part in training exercises and professional development both independently and part of a team.

We’re creative

We also have the highly prized combination of being both organised and creative. This translates into fantastic ideas, lateral thinking and super duper problem solving. Being creative, we also love our solutions to have plenty of visual appeal. 

Our skills, knowledge and experience

We bring relevant practical and personal skills to the role of Professional Organiser.  We’ve polished our skills from different roles in a variety of industries:

  1. design

  2. interior design

  3. project management

  4. education

  5. styling

  6. media production

  7. office administration

  8. small businesses

  9. moving house

  10. keeping house

  11. childcare

  12. busy lives.

Kathryn Hennig loves cycling, stationery (mmm...  highlighters!) and mementos of places / people.Kathryn_Hennig.html
Jan Malcolm loves iphones and is delighted she finally has one!Jan_Malcolm.html

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Our goal:  We all genuinely want to help others achieve their full potential by getting things in order.
To make a booking or enquiry, call us toll free on:

1300 SORT 13

(1300 7678 13)

Lissanne Oliver loves hot chips, op shops, Bob Geldof and the colour aqua.
Sandy loves funky stationery, flamenco dancing and staying in her pyjamas all day (when she can).

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